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First post so I’ll start with a bit of background.

History:  I wrote a lot as a child and teenager with a  focus mainly on novels and poetry.  Eventually I stopped spending as much time with my pen but I never stopped jotting down story ideas and short excerpts of prose.  Last year at the 11th hour I joined in on NaNoWriMo and suddenly a month later I had written a novel.  Not a great one; parts were terrible and I knew it.  Other parts were good though, and it felt so right to finally be putting real time into something I’ve always loved doing.  Most importantly I had finished it!  Nothing has quite compared to having that first completed piece in front of me, birthed from my own imagination.  Real.  Tangible.  Bliss.

Since then I’ve tried to carry that momentum and have had some success with writing short pieces.  A lot will be tossed aside, but they’re starting to get better.  I plan to submit the first for publication by the end of September.

Current projects:

1 short story –  in the throes of last draft and preparing to share.  (Terror!)

3 short stories in progress – mostly plotted, have a good feel for where they are going. (plus a fourth short story I’m not sure I’ll pick back up)

1 novel – first draft finished – spell check in progress – have yet to to do real read through since completing it last November.  I’m using the short stories as buffer and practice before tackling the second draft.

Today’s writing progress:  Stole some time on the the job to work on an outline for an in progress short story.  I now have a better idea about how the story will get where I want it to go.

Word count: I think around 150 on the outline.

And to Mr. Carroll:  Thank you but I don’t ever intend to stop.

*post title quote attributable to Mr. Lewis Carroll:  writer, mathematician, shaman.

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