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Today I was doing research for a story I want to write about genetically modified foods.  I thought it would be a fun project for nanowrimo 2009.  I’m interested in health but I didn’t have an agenda.  I wanted to write an engaging story, not propaganda.  My choice of topic was something I peripherally knew to be a hot issue.  I grew up with food-wise hippie parents and I thought I knew the basics behind the arguments and research would only yield necessary details to build a realistic framework.

I may never eat corn or canola oil again.   The truth is already so much more evil than what I had concocted.

The current situation provides a framework that perfectly supports the dystopic future I am envisioning.  The nightmare scenarios I have envisioned for my fictional novel seem like potential prophecy.  Do I really want to give these corporations more ideas?

I am somewhere between being desperately excited that I have a brilliant idea for an engaging and believable novel that taps into a a very real fear in our society and should act on it now and wanting to crawl into a hole and hide from the terrible truth.

(Obviously I’m going to choose the option where I write.)

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Current Projects

I’ve been slogging away slowly at my pieces.  I finished “The House on The Hill” but am going to try and give a major re-edit to the ending before passing it along for critiquing.

I have started incorporating the critiques I received on “The Last Laugh”.   I’m toying with a new title that will let the reader’s know the story is about superhero’s.  This is either a clever way of killing two birds with one stone or laziness on my part.  Only time will tell.  After that I have a plan for the first two places I will submit it.

So lots of editing in the near future.

Writing wise I plan on working on f “Fuck”  (it might need a new working title).  It’s been slow to move forward, very challenging.

I’m also going to finish “Tool Shed”.  I’ve got it mostly mapped out now and I know where I want to submit it.  It’s just a question of getting the words out and then edit, edit, edit.

I’ve set myself firm dates for these projects:

  1. Re-edit “The Last Laugh” and submit to Flash Fiction Online – by September 24th
  2. Finish “Tool Shed” first draft – by September 24th
  3. Finish “Fuck” First Draft – by September 30th
  4. Edit  “The House on the Hill” so it is ready for critiquing – by September 30th
  5. Edit “Tool Shed” so it is ready for critiquing – by September 30th

Flash Fiction

Finding a place for “The Last Laugh” has led me to a lot of information on Flash Fiction.  This stuff is bright, challenging, and an exciting way to exercise writing skills.  I’ve put together a few pieces and edited a few snippets sitting in my writing folder so they are tiny little flash fictions of under 100 – 200 words.  I’m still not sure I’m doing it right or well but it’s a lot of fun and gives instant gratification.

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