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Big News

I’ve submitted for the very first time!!  One of my flash fictions is now in the hands of Flash Fiction Online and I wait their 10 week average turnaround time for reply.

It’s an exciting thing.

Next goal, submit something else before I get a reply.


What I’m Working On

Most of my writing of late is more in the planning stage.  A lot of ideas for Nanowrimo and also a lot of other ideas.

I did have an idea for a longer story, sci-fi, apocalyptic, but done in the form of a series of vignettes.  Letters, news reports, radio broadcasts, political speeches, etc.  Basically something that would work as a serial over several issues of a publication.  It plays up my new enjoyment of writing flash fiction as well.

It might even work for nano if I can come up with enough disparate parts to reach the 50,000 goal.


An Idea

I do a lot of brainstorming at work and tend to jot it down on small slips of paper.  There is a growing pile of them on my desk that is starting to look alarmingly like kindling.   I’m going to get a shoebox, tart it up with arts and crafts and into it will go all of these slips.  It shall be my treasure box of ideas.

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