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April has been an interesting month. I began it with the best intentions of completing Scriptfrenzy but in the end I didn’t, or won’t by tomorrow night anyway. On three occasions I sat down to begin writing one of my short film scripts and three times I ended up writing a completely unrelated short story. After that I got 4 pages of script completed then began working on my novel again.

Don’t misunderstand me, the scripts will get written. Now is just not the time. My head is in my novel and I can’t really complain about that. I like my novel. I like where it is going and I like how I’m getting there. It feels good to be living full-time with the characters in my head again. So I gladly relinquish a win in my first attempt at Scriptfrenzy and continue on with my labour of love. I know I’ll come back to the scripts but I’ve got a few things to finish up first.

Not to say I don’t have other distractions nipping at my heels. A novel idea and an idea I think would be suited to novella length have been brewing. The novel will have to wait but I think developing the novella is worth a little time. It’s a story based around political intrigue and I think even if the novella never goes anywhere the exercise of trying to write it will be valuable for my current WIP which is loaded with intrigue.

The writing is going well. I’m setting a minimum goal of 5,000 words per week but until I manage to find a job I think I could do significantly better than that. If I am diligent I am confident I can do 25,000 per week, maybe more. At that rate I will finish the novel by the end of May. What a delicious thought.

Time to get started.

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I’ve been working on a full update of all of my creative goals but it’s actually a bit daunting to sort it all out. I have so many interests that at times I get bogged down and nothing gets done on any of them. So I’m going to use the goals update to really look at where I want to put my limited personal resources.

In the meantime here’s a shorter update of my most recent accomplishments:

  1. I’ve officially signed up for Scriptfrenzy on the website. I’m looking forward to spending a month just working on dialogue and by extension human interaction.
  2. I wrote and have half edited a flash fiction. The working title is Ape Dreams until I think of something clever. I have a strong belief that flash fictions must have clever titles.
  3. I wrote 5000 words on my Novel!! Woo! The dry spell is over! After two months of opening my novel and looking at it, pecking out a few words and trying to catch that thread I had lost, I’ve finally found my way back into it. Granted I started with a scene that was pretty easy and from the point of view of my favorite character to write at the moment but I’ve got the momentum now to keep going on those harder parts and trickier characters. Such a relief.
  4. I’ve written several synopses for short film scripts I want to write for Scriptfrenzy. Including a longer one that has really caught my attention.

After all the work I’ve put into the Monster-Post-of-My-Many-Goals it’s really good to be able to look at this list and see the things I’ve accomplished rather than all the things I’m not getting done.

The pessimist says the glass is half empty. The optimist says the glass is half full. The scientist says the glass is full, half with water and half with air. I don’t know who coined that last part but I like it. My glass is half full of the things I’ve accomplished and half-full of the things I’m going to do. It’s going to be great!


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It is now halfway into Nano and I start today about 8000 behind, including what I need to write today.  (See, it’s not so bad).

The 15th seems like a good day to take stock.  I have shelved the steampunk novel I started for a time when I can do the research necessary to let me be happy with what I’m producing.  Instead I am writing what I will call a sci-fi novel.  The second restart began on the 4th of November so technically I am on track if my month runs from November 4th until December 4th but I don’t think it works that way.  Fortunately I have complete faith in my ability to catch up.

I’m really excited about both my concept and how the story is developing so far.  When I write there are these magical moments when my characters will take on a life of their own and start doing things I didn’t know they were going to do.  This can tangle the plot in delicious ways that I get to sort out.  It’s why I keep writing even when I want to throw my laptop through a window.  This would be especially bad since I’m using DH’s spare laptop for Nano. In this novel the characters are coming alive like never before.  I dream about them.  I think about them when I’m in school and when I write about them they continually surprise me.  When I’m laying in bed thinking about what to read, I want to know what they’ll do next.  I love writing, I can’t imagine not writing but I think I’m finally starting to see what an addiction it can truly be.

Without further ado here is a brief synopsis of my novel.

A woman born directly into adulthood with memories that don’t match the world she is living in and a man born with an affliction so terrible he has been in hiding since he was an infant must choose whether to save the civilization that rejects them.

The snowflake method will require me to pare this down to 20 or even 15 words but I’m not ready for that yet.  No time, Nano calls.

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First post so I’ll start with a bit of background.

History:  I wrote a lot as a child and teenager with a  focus mainly on novels and poetry.  Eventually I stopped spending as much time with my pen but I never stopped jotting down story ideas and short excerpts of prose.  Last year at the 11th hour I joined in on NaNoWriMo and suddenly a month later I had written a novel.  Not a great one; parts were terrible and I knew it.  Other parts were good though, and it felt so right to finally be putting real time into something I’ve always loved doing.  Most importantly I had finished it!  Nothing has quite compared to having that first completed piece in front of me, birthed from my own imagination.  Real.  Tangible.  Bliss.

Since then I’ve tried to carry that momentum and have had some success with writing short pieces.  A lot will be tossed aside, but they’re starting to get better.  I plan to submit the first for publication by the end of September.

Current projects:

1 short story –  in the throes of last draft and preparing to share.  (Terror!)

3 short stories in progress – mostly plotted, have a good feel for where they are going. (plus a fourth short story I’m not sure I’ll pick back up)

1 novel – first draft finished – spell check in progress – have yet to to do real read through since completing it last November.  I’m using the short stories as buffer and practice before tackling the second draft.

Today’s writing progress:  Stole some time on the the job to work on an outline for an in progress short story.  I now have a better idea about how the story will get where I want it to go.

Word count: I think around 150 on the outline.

And to Mr. Carroll:  Thank you but I don’t ever intend to stop.

*post title quote attributable to Mr. Lewis Carroll:  writer, mathematician, shaman.

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