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Sometimes I am a bad person. By this I mean I mess with people. It is always meant to be light-hearted but sometimes I misjudge and things… get out of hand.

Case in Point: For one year boyfriend and I shared a small two bedroom with two friends. I shall henceforth refer to them as Gamer and *poink*. They are both male and they are in a relationship. They were great roommates who have since moved to The Big City for adventure and profit.

Gamer is a gamer guy, he spends a good deal of time slaughtering digital people/monsters. Of the two he is by far the gruffer. He’s a welder now but he worked in restaurants for many years and enjoyed cooking.

One day *poink* and I were at the market and *poink*, knowing Gamer liked squash, purchased a lovely butternut variety for his sweetheart.

We went home and while Gamer was still at work I proceeded to draw a scared face on the squash in marker.

Sad Squash is sad.

Terror is funny, right?

I thought that Gamer would get a laugh and then enjoy a tasty snack.

Turns out he’s a bit of a softy. He was so distraught by the sad face he couldn’t bring himself to eat it. That poor squash sat on our kitchen table for weeks. I tried to convince him that the squash was happy to be eaten and fulfill it’s destiny as an energy source but Gamer was having none of it.

Finally after many weeks *poink* cooked the squash while Gamer was at work.

I thought *poink* might be mad at me for ruining his gift but he thought it was funny and a bit touching that his boyfriend could be so compassionate. I think Gamer thought I was an asshole but was too polite to let on.

Since then I have been more careful when dealing with roommate sensibilities. Having to look at that poor terrified face for two months was a poignant lesson.

Sad squash is - aw fuck it, I'm a jerk.

Seriously, what the hell was I thinking?

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